Dinner for Schmucks

From: January 23, 2011

I had a feeling that Steve Carrell wasn’t funny, and this movie was proof. I realize I will probably catch a lot of flack from you fans of The Office, but someone needed to point this out. He’s not the first actor to play the same character type in every role, I realize, but I have an actor for that already, and his name is Bill Murray. In fact, if Bill Murray had played Barry this movie would have been a lot cooler. Even Paul Rudd let me down. Essentially, the humor was just too silly for me, and the jokes were mostly tired re-hashes.

There were two redeeming points in Dinner for Schmucks though,
– The Mouseterpieces. Barry’s taxidermist venture into recreations of classics paintings using dead mice. These were super cool, and I found it ridiculous that anyone would make fun of them! I think the dinner hosts might have been unaware of the precise art of taxidermy.

"I watched Dinner for Schmucks and all I got was this stupid mouse art"

“I watched Dinner for Schmucks and all I got was this stupid mouse art”

– Jemaine Clement’s character, the artist with animal magnitude, Keiran Vollard. I could watch a whole movie about this character. Then again, I would watch any movie about any character played by Jermaine Clement.

I won’t say I didn’t laugh at all, but I’d hate to watch this movie a second time.


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