I Watched it in 2016

Of my goal of 200 films in 2016,

I have currently seen 197.

Here’s a tidy list of almost everything I’ve been watching this year. I have included any movie I have never seen before, new or old. I have included movies that I have not seen in so long that I cannot remember any particulars about them. They’re basically new. I have included seasons of TV shows, because they eat up time and deserve to be included. I have included a few one off TV specials and made for TV movies. In some cases you will see an image appear twice, denoting multiple seasons of a show. There are a few things here that I have seen many times, but were recently released as a new digital restoration, or theatrical run, or in one case I had the chance to see a rare (to me) 35mm. So, I counted that as a “new” viewing, having never seen that version of the film.

These are mostly in the order that I watched them, with the most recent movies at the bottom of the mosaic.


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