31 Days of Horror 2016, Day 27: Scream 2 (1997)

At first, I didn’t want to like this sequel. It started off entirely too serious, and seemed to have lost the charm of the original Scream. Coming only a single year after its predecessor, Scream 2 has the formula for a disaster. Even the characters claim so, engaging in a conversation within the first 10 minutes of the movie, about how sequels suck. But…this sequel doesn’t really suck.


I also forgot how utterly star studded the cast of Scream 2 is. A young Timothy Olyphant, so strange outside of his Raylan Givins gear; Jada Pinkett Smith, Omar Epps, Heather Graham, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Joshua Jackson, Jerry O’Connell. This isn’t even counting all the returning actors, like Neve herself walking around lile a perpetual Delia’s model. The cherry on top has to be pre nose job Portia de Rossi. It’s as if they dumped a bunch of late 90’s TV stars in a big bucket and just blended them up. And the cameos…beautuful. Wes Craven himself, and Matthew Lillard, appearing uncredited and unnecessarily to brighten things up. AND if there’s one thing I like better than greasy Skeet doing Skeet things, it’s Luke Wilson pretending to be Skeet doing Skeet things, in the blockbuster, Stab. Like uttering the line “Sid, I think you need to get over it. Moms leave, that’s the way to cookie crumbles”…not that it makes any sense at all that this scene is in Stab, since nobody was around to see Sidney and Billy’s actual conversation at the top of the staircase, back in highschool, the first time she was being stalked. It’s quality self mockery. There’s probably a bizarre thesis in this somewhere, about the Scream universe being self referential and possibly all some kind of confusing Truman Show. Let’s just let that idea rest though, for now.

Of course some pills are a little harder to swallow, like Jamie Kennedy trying to act tough and put the killer on his place. Or the added threat of Cotton Weary, who for some reason is really desperate to get on TV and prove his “innocence”. Even though a nationally popular book and movie have already done the work for him. It definitely feels like this sequel tried pretty hard to raise the whodunit stakes. Really, at times Scream 2 feels like it takes itself just a little too seriously. Like during the stage rehearsal scene. We get it… Sydney is some kind of martyr. 

On the bright side, here’s Luke Wilson pretending to be Skeet one more time.

Challenge Fulfilled: A Movie and its Sequel.


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