The Social Network

From: January 26, 2011

Remember when you used to have to have a university e-mail address to join Facebook, and then you couldn’t delete Mark Zuckerberg from your friends list? This movie will make you miss those days on Facebook. socialnetwork

Here’s the thing, this movie is by no means awesome or action packed. In some ways, it’s even difficult for me to put a finger on the reason for the acclaim the film received  But, like Facebook, this film is strangely addicting. Part of you won’t care what happens to a socks and sandals clad Mark Zuckerberg, but another part of you will want to keep watching. I attribute this ease for continued viewing to David Fincher, who’s a master of pacing. The guy really knows how to weave a non-linear narrative (Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Seven…apparently he also loves to cast Brad Pitt). It was also a treat to see Justin Timberlake, who to my memory hasn’t starred in a feature since the highly underrated Southland Tales. Certainly, Timberlake’s antics make up for the nails-to-a-chalkboard-dry delivery of Jesse Eisenberg.

Also notable, Trent Reznor did the score for this movie, and did a really good job. The music is very clearly Reznor’s work (mechanical), but compliments the film well. My big complaint though was that the sound was not adjusted in the bar/club scenes so that the conversations could be heard over the music. I know it was an attempt to catch the true atmosphere of a night out, but it was very annoying. I don’t like struggling to hear the actors.

Watch it once.


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