31 Days of Horror 2016, Day 31: The Lost Boys (1987)/ Return of the Living Dead (1985) DOUBLE FEATURE

Two great movies with two great soundtracks. I need not say more, but you can’t stop me! Happy Halloween!

Things I Love About The Lost Boys (i.e. an arbitrary list of junk you already know about, but might read anyway):

1. It has two sets of credits. First McMann’s Cry Little Sister, with a flyover shot of the waters of Santa Monica. Then, after a quick attack, an Echo and the Bunnymen cover of The Doors’ People are Strange

2. Santa Monica pier punks. 

3. Greasy sax man.

4. “Maggots. You’re eating maggots, Michael.”

5. Bill S. Preston, Vampire

6. The homoerotic Rob Lowe poster on Sam’s closet door

7. The fact that Sam apparently doesnt know how to bathe properly. Unless youre supposed to completely cover yourself in bubbles and shampoo, and then comb it through your hair. Maybe I’m the one doing it wrong.

8. The mostly incompetent Frog Brothers, who are super intense about everything.

9. Everywhere the Lost Boys go, they’re whooping. Dirt biking down a wooded path: whooping. Eating chinese food: whooping. Flying into their lair to go to bed for the day: Whoooo! HaHaHa!

10. Super cool, understated vamp make-up.

Things I Love About Return of the Living Dead:

1. It’s set in Louisville! I’ve heard a few different stories about the “based on true events” disclaimer at the beginning. From what I can tell, the true origin begins with a corpse that simply sat up on the enbalming table of its own accord, due to some weird form of rigor mortis.

2. Small town punks, cruising in the SUICIDE car.

3. The first reanimated corpse, a split dog. It seems pretty happy until it gets slapped around with a crutch.

4. It’s all the military’s fault. They should keep better track of their vats of toxic waste, of course.

5. That scene in the credits when the tar man’s face melts off, and the toxic chemical seeps into the vents, animating the fridge cadaver.

6. “Do you ever fantasize about being killed? Do you ever think about all the different ways of dying, you know, violently? And wonder, like, what would be the most horrible way to die? Well for me, the worst way would be for a bunch of old men to get around me, and start biting me and eating me alive.”

7. The Trioxin Theme

8. Tar Man. Just a skeleton covered in goo. Nothing fancy. Simple and beautiful.

9. Frank. The most incompetent mentor ever. He will teach you to pack a box with peanuts and totally lose his cool in a sticky situation. He’ll show off vats of toxic waste to impress some kid. A pro.

10. None of the undead match. Some are rotted skeletons, some are jaundice yellow, some are green and rotten. Some can talk, others can only scream. There’s no consistency. Somehow it’s perfect.

Challenge Fulfilled: A Worthy Double Feature


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