31 Days of Horror 2016, Day 25: Ghosthouse (1988)

Watching this, it felt like a bunch of scenes were missing. Everything sort of skipped around, characters took action without any internal motivation, and had the “missing scenes” been there the movie still wouldn’t have followed a logical progression. On top of that, the way these characters were written is just really awful. They’re the kind of people who cross the street, and stop dead in their tracks to stare at the speeding bus thats coming right toward them. Do not watch if you struggle with yelling at characters on the television. 

This Italian horror flick, directed by Umberto Lenzi, was apparently marketed overseas as an Evil Dead sequel. That’s a pretty far stretch, as the young adults in this movie aren’t trapped in the ghost house the way that Ash is in the cabin. They just keep running back into it of their own free will..for an hour and a half…despite the rogue doberman pincher, a meat cleaver weilding redneck, and the bloodthirsty ghost of a little girl who already literally murdered one of their friends via exploding glass jars and flying fan blades. A little ghost girl who carries around a ceramic clown doll who has clearly been set to “evil”

The clown in question also announces its presence with an admittedly creepy song, to which the victims always reply by saying “What is that song?!” or simply staring curiously. I’m not sure why they can’t figure it out. In spite of its stupidity, there were a couple of fun things about this movie. For one, the characters all look like they’re friends of Marty McFly, and they bust out some appreciable retro technology. (“Computers…ugh” says the cleaver weilding redneck, by the way). Also, this skeleton dude shows up for absolutely no reason, and I’m not complaining because who doesn’t love a good skull covered in maggots. And he’s playing a good game of knifey/spooney. 

Overall, this movie was hard to get through. Take my advice and don’t pay anything to see it.

Challenge Fulfilled: Italian Horror


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