31 Days of Horror 2016, Day 20: Creepypasta Shorts 

I admit, creepypasta stories are a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. So many of them are poorly written rehashes of Scary Stories to tell in the Dark, but every now and them you encounter a real gem.

Tonight I decided to watch a few short films that have been adapted from creepypastas. Some of these films are of course more homemade than others, but a cheap medium actually suits these tales well, as they are often told as if they are true stories. I also took this experience a step further and watched all of the film using my snazzy new Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Google cardboard, which I got for free from some website. 

Here are some of the films I watched

2 AM: The Smiling Man

I actually read this creepypasta several years ago after my friend Rex told me about it. It’s a story that works really well because it’s so simple. It’s easy to imagine yourself in the  plausible situation of the narrator. This story basically follows a man who is walking home at 2 AM, who encounters a cartoonish fellow in a suit who begins to follow him down the sidewalk. This story has sort of a cool uncanny vibe to it. The man in the suit looks a human, but does not really behave like one as he shuffles down the sidewalk, smiling up toward the streetlamps. 

This story mostly translates well to film, although the ending was a bit flat. I do recommend viewing this one in cardboard on full screen, because it creates a bit of an immersion experience. The screen sort of appears to be curved, and you are sitting in the center of the action. 

Worth watching.

The Midnight Man Ritual

Now apparently the dudes who made this one are sort of known for making these little creepypasta movies. They have their own channel on youtube, and seem to be fairly popular. This short film felt very cheap. It’s definitely recorded on a handheld device and is more or less a found footage movie, in which someone performs a ritual to summon the titular character. The story kinda writes itself, and without surprise the midnight man does show up. For some reason, they decided to make his face look like a weird .99 ghost camera app filter. It’s silly. I guess the suspense here is alright if you like jump scare movies.

Word of warning, if you get motion sickness DO NOT watch this through Google cardboard. I about lost my dinner once the camera started getting jiggly, rolling past hard wood floors. And it came on really fast. 

Not great


This one is pretty entertaining if you’re into the whole clown hoopla that’s been popular in recent weeks. In this story, a babysitter sees a news broadcast of an “escaped convict”, and shortly begins noticing that small things are out of place around the house. A toy is broken, the water turns on by itself. After putting the child of the house to bed, the babysitter finds herself in the bedroom of the father. As anticipated, she finds something disturbing in his room, and allows herself to get too close before she realizes her mistake. Honestly, the most unbelievable part of this short film is that the father has so many collectibles (Krueger bobble heads, a MacFarlane Edward Scissor Hands toy, a stuffed Mogwai, and so many more) that have not been destroyed or at least moved around by such a young child.


There are loads of these creepypasta movies on youtube. I avoided the most popular ones: stories about slenderman or the rake, but imagine some of them are worthwhile. Feel free to suggest your favorite creepypasta stories or adaptations. I’m always looking for the good ones. For the record, the best thing about watching these movies through Google cardboard was the slight feeling that whenever I took the viewer away from my face, something might be standing there in the dark. 

Challenge fulfilled: Anthology Horror/Short Films


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