31 Days of Horror 2016, Day 19: Scream (1996)

Let’s get this straight…I am not going to be able to say something about this movie that hasn’t been said. We all fully understand why Craven struck gold when he gave us this staple of American horror. Having seen the movie a whole handful of times, but not all too recently, this viewing gave me the chance to grab sight some little moments I hadn’t noticed before. And, lucky for me, I was able to partake in Scream on a real sized screen, in a real quality theatre.

Let me tell you one thing, Skeet on a big screen is so much Skeetier than Skeet on a little screen. Wow wow wow. My favorite thing about this movie has to be how it epitomizes 1996, and that’s thanks in big part to the cheap Johnny Depp smolder of everyone’s favorite greaseball with a center part. Honestly, they could not have cast a more conspicuous looking boyfriend. I especially enjoyed this little moment, when boyfriend Billy stares down Sydney through the window in the police station. 

Skeet aside, theres so much here that points really hard at the decade of its creation. Like, the way everyone keeps saying “cellular”, particularly when Billy’s dad says “Everybody’s got one now. Why don’t you check the phone bill for chrissakes. Call my carrier – AirFone Comp. They’ll have records of every number dialed.”The b-roll footage of skateboarders rolling up to school in their airwalks and white socks pulled up to the knees provides just one more little glint of happiness in this film. Interest is hiding in all kinds of little details; and maybe it’s my nostalgia getting to me but it’s all incredibly, wonderfully 90’s. Rose Mcgowans shoes…I tell you what. It all works. Except when Sydney and Billy are making out to an acoustic cover of “Don’t Fear the Reaper”. That scene is weird as hell.

I was about to start talking about the “best” scene, but how can I choose?


Or this…

Or this…

Or this, naturally…

That’s it. I’m going to have to revisit the sequels. 

Challenge Fulfilled: A movie with “Scream” in the title.


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