31 Days of Horror 2016, Day 17: Flesh for Frankenstein (1973)

I had to follow up one Warhol/Morrissey collaboration with the other, that’s how much I liked Blood for Dracula. Of the two, Dracula was the better, but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy Frankenstein.

For one, the visual spectacle of Flesh for Frankenstein was as equally incredible as Blood for Dracula. The two films were shot in the same location, and almost back to back. Same cast, same crew, more or less. The sets were especially gorgeous in this film, and I found myself coveting Baron von Frankenstein’s laboratory, with its secret cabinet of pulsating hearts and set of lungs. Truthfully, if I’d never seen Blood for Dracula I would totally be touting this film for many of the same reasons. Udo is a strong choice as the lead of this film; an incredibly believable mad scientist who wants to engineer his own race of servants. The gore in this one is pretty top notch, aside from the wax candy looking decapitated head, of the innocent young man Frankenstein choses to be the brain of his monster. The stitches on the experiments are bold and runny, there’s blood everywhere, and kudos to whoever created those lungs, liver, hearts, and intestines. They looked so real that I questioned whether they might not be actual livestock organs.

A word of warning: if you’re bothered by gratuitous nudity, this film probably shouldn’t go on your watch list. Joe Dellesandro plays a lecherous stable boy (no surprise there), and is constantly showing off full peen with farm gals, whores and even the Baron’s wife. What’s more, there’s even an out of nowhere necrophilia scene in which Frankenstein tells his assistant that if you want to understand life, you have to…really get into death…right in the gallbladder. It’s the only joke in the movie and if you can’t chuckle at a little corpse love then this one is not for you. 

Challenge Fullfilled: Adapted Frankenstien


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