31 Days of Horror 2016, Day 16: Bite (2015)

I chose this movie based purely on the fact that last year, I read that it made movie goers literally barf in the theatre. As someone who considers themselves to have a pretty high ick-factor, I naturally had to see what all the hype was about. Basically, if you can’t handle full frontal shots of someone puking up pus and goo, then you probably won’t make it through this movie. For me, there was no shaky cam to trigger my motion sickness, so I did not have difficulty sitting through Bite; however, that’s not to say it wasn’t throughly, thoroughly gross. 

This movie has some significant high points, but I think it also lost itself a little bit concerning some of the essential plot. Basically, our protagonist is a young girl who is conflicted about her forthcoming wedding. Rightfully so, because her fiance is fairly douchey and his mother is the sort of hateful crone we all fear marrying into. At any rate, we see Casey, the bride to be, on her out of the country honeymoon, swimming in remote waterways and getting drunk on the beach. As expected, these choices end poorly, in the form of a bite from a mystery water creature, as well as a potential sexual assault. Now here’s the confusion…either of these events could be the catalyst for what happens to Casey. We don’t know what bites her. We don’t know what assaults her. Upon returning home, she not only finds herself infected and spewing, but also discovers that she is harboring the slimy brood. She evetually goes “full Brundlefly” herself, transforming into something wonderfully inhuman.

So, this leaves me with questions, perhaps in a bad way. Did an undiscovered insect bite her? Was she raped by an alien? If she is the mother, what is she carrying? (We don’t fully see…only squiggly things in the eggs that come from every part of her body). Why did she need to change into a creature in order to harbor these critters? After all, eggs are falling out of her before she ever starts physically changing. Some minor clarification could have fixed these issues. I completely get what the writer was going for in the inclusion of the sexual assualt. Even though it adds an unneeded conflict, it gives the character a bit of depth in concern to her reservations about her marriage, and creates a tension of commitment and intimacy. Unfortunately, this introduced thesis poses the aforementioned confusions in the films “mythology”. In short we need just a little more information about what has impregnated and/or infected this girl.

Now, putting all that aside, this was a fun little gross out flick. With the money to cast slightly more talented actors (aside from Elma Begovic, who was great as the lead), the film could have been pretty incredible. As it stands, there were times when it felt like watching a pre-teen drama. That may be a fault of the script as much as the actors. But yeah, what’s important here is that this movie is pretty filthy. Even though I didn’t lose my lunch over it, I’m not too good to admit that yes, I said “ew” when I saw I someone pull off their own fingernail and eat it. One by one, unknowing victims step into Casey’s apartment, which is basically a giant cocoon at this point, and they never leave. Sure, sometimes things happen that don’t make sense, like when Casey seals her friends mouth shut with some substance that comes out of the palm of her hand. The friend suffocated even though her nose was not covered by the substance. But whatever. I guess what I’m really saying is that this movie would have fallen apart had it not been so effectively icky. But it really got that part right, which makes some of these many other problems forgivable.

Challenge Fulfilled: Infected


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