31 Days of Horror 2016, Day 13: Ava’s Possessions (2015)

This movie was crazy colorful and bright for a movie about demon possession. I still can’t decide if it was visually stimulating or hard to look at. 

This will be a short one, because this movie didn’t make all that much of an impression. The premise is intersting: A young woman is working to overcome her possession, via an AA-like club in which the possessed get together to talk about their struggles with their literal demons. Ava slowly uncovers the events that happened while the demon was in control of her body, and the truth is rather unsavory. 

I have to give this movie props for how it handled the demon itself. You don’t see it often; and when you do, the creature has a fairly primitive appearance, akin to an ancient block print. This particular demon also approaches following a slowly beating drum, which builds the anticipation in a Bruce the Shark kinda way. It’s weird, because there’s a lot to like here, and yet somehow this movie was still flat. Ava resolves her problems so easily, and there are few surprises in terms of plot. It never feels like the stakes are very high. 

This movie was alright…it was just kinda lacking. A shame, because there was so much potential.

Challenge Fulfilled: Rated R


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