31 Days of Horror 2016, Day 4: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

How have I gone all this time without seeing this movie? I had NO IDEA what I was missing. TCM 2 is an on the nose, fun, crude, gritty 80’s horror film that doesn’t take itself too seriously in the best possible way. Dennis Hopper is just the cherry on top. 

Honestly, I feel bad for having doubted Tobe Hooper. I saw the original TCM ages ago, and always assumed the sequels would be uninteresting attempt to cash in on the cult success of the first film. But, I have a theory that when a franchise waits over a decade to make a sequel, it’s usually a good thing. So, I should have known.

From the opening act of this movie, I was hooked. Seeing these two douchey, prep school skippers play a game of chicken with the wrong pickup truck, on the wrong back road; wow. I was slack jawed. The lighting and editing of this scene really stood out to me, and there was a clear creative effort to make something of quality. Want to see what I mean? Skip to six minutes in to this video, and tell me those bridge lights whipping by Leatherface (as he stands, in the bed of a moving truck, above his victim) aren’t amazing. 


I have not even gotten to how ookey Bill Moseley is, to the gore, the hammer murder, the bizarre chili cook off scene, or seeing the family lair. Caroline Williams is just a darling scream queen in her short jorts, and Dennis Hopper plays with multiple chainsaws in one scene. That man is a 24/7 Lynch character, honestly. 

This movie is special.

Challenge fulfilled: Hixploitation


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