31 Days of Horror 2016, Day 3: Real Fear (1 & 2)

I’m a sucker for lame documentaries and TV shows where people go investigate paranormal locations. This doc will do you one better, though. Everything the crew goes to investigate is based on the mythos of a popular American horror film. The hosts hit the road to take a look at the places that inspired The Amityville Horror, Blair Witch Project, The Mothman Prophecies, and Silent Hill, among other films. Sold.


Now here’s the rub, the editing on this pair of documentaries is pretty corny, and looks a lot like something made for the History channel. Reenactment footage, shaky cam with high pitched noises; everything that makes shows like Ghost Bros (Ghost Adventures) and Ghost Plumbers (Ghost Hunters) terrible. Fortunately, the information you pick up from the interviews and research make it worth it. The hosts are nothing to write a lyrical ballad over, but they have a genuine interest in the subject matter and make some interesting connections about what may have inspired some aspects of specific horror films. If you cut out the short, night vision investigations, the documentaries would actually be very good. It’s clear what audience they’re targeting. 

For some reason, in Real Fear 2, the vocalist from Puddle of Mudd shows up because he has a special interest in the Jersey Devil and the history of the Blair Witch. It’s a completely pointless and sad name drop. But whatever.

Do we look cool yet?

The best segment is probably the one that investigates the dangers of dreaming, and looks closely at A Nightmare on Elmwood Street 3: Dream Warriors. It’s a loose interpretation, but not without interest. 

Challenge fulfilled: Horror documentary


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