This is a pretty unassuming little movie. Take the tagline from IMDb: “A woman creates an alter ego in hopes of overcoming the trauma inflicted by men in her life.” This description doesn’t do much to sell the movie, and could easily be the tagline for a Lifetime original…which is a far cry from what you actually get from Felt.

This film follows Amy, an artist and mascot for a local chicken restaurant. Amy is, even by my standards, an incredibly strange and off-putting person. She’s talented; her creations are lifelike and disturbing, but visually stimulating. Really, they’re what you’re coming for with this movie. Without Amy’s handsewn costumes, she’s just a young adult who’s struggling with her frustrations, and with some sort of past assault which is only alluded to. And while her frustrations are sad and legitimate, Amy also becomes a task to watch. She’s mean, and crass. Intentionally offensive. There’s a certain amount of gut, and a poignant message in her “work”, but after a while, she becomes hard to stomach. At certain points, I found myself wondering when the climax would arrive. At the same time, Amy is hard to look away from. Actor Amy Everson’s delivery is incredibly believable. Even though her character acts in a way we wouldn’t expect or want a real person to act, something about the matter-of-fact quality of Emerson’s acting makes her character seem like someone we’ve encountered (or at least, she seems like someone I could have encountered). Amy’s voice will at the same time feel charming and punchable. This talent paired with director Jason Banker’s pseudo-documentary style, following Amy as if she is a subject more than a fictitious figure, makes the events that unfold seem all too real. Then, Amy gets a boyfriend, in spite of her social shortcomings, and we know it cannot end well.


Did I mention there are a lot of fake genitals in this movie? At one point, Amy is given a surprise birthday party, in which she enters the room through a giant vagina. If the idea of that bothers you, then you definitely won’t like the rest of the penises and vaginas in the film. Steer clear. If this visual amuses you, give Felt a chance. But be warned, it is not all about funny nether regions. This is a horror film, and you’re likely to become quite uncomfortable, no matter what your sensibilities are in regards to the R rated human anatomy.



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