31 Days of Horror: Day 10 – The Moleman of Belmont Ave.

I generally won’t complain about slow paced movies. I like to think I have an adequate attention span, and I often appreciate films that move incredibly slow, like anything directed by Gaspar Noe or Lars von Trier. But this movie was supposed to be funny, and funny movies have no business lagging about. I really wanted to like Moleman of Belmont Avenue. The whole premise seemed silly and fun, and Robert Englund is even in it, which usually bodes well for horror-comedy. For the first half hour I was pretty entertained. Basically, the Mugg brothers are these two slackers who have inherited an apartment complex, but have run it into the ground. They want to do better of course, but their progress is impeded by a Moleman who’s living in their walls, and stealing the apartment pets for lunch. In a juvenile way, it was pretty funny to see this goofy purplish hand reach out of the vents or through the mail slots, and grab animals. (No animals appear to have been injured). I won’t lie though, after watching the Mugg brothers fail for about an hour…I fell asleep. It’s a nice rainy day out, and my couch was cozy, and this movie was pretty boring. It wasn’t that the idea wasn’t good. The overall execution was just not top notch. Maybe a theatrical cut would do this some good. Or, it could have been a decent short film.

Props to them for the music though. That doobie-doobie-doo song was pretty catchy.



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