31 Days of Horror: Day 4 – Amazing Stories

Tonight I just needed something cornbally and lighthearted, but without lacking in the horror department. Amazing Stories sure fit the bill. I’ve never actually sat down to watch this show, even though I love free-standing, episodic horror shows, and have heard favorable reviews of Amazing Stories, many times. From the opening credits alone, this show is clearly a lost gem of the 1980’s. Granted, the digital transfer is pretty rough, and causes the picture to have a sort of jerky, stop-motion look to it at times. So, for those of you who can’t put aside their needs for a crystal clear picture, Amazing Stories may not be for you. For those who were raised on the grainy images of a VHS tape, watching this show is more like a trip down memory lane. Get out your nostalgia glasses, because you’re about to see a lot of acid washed denim, and sitcom-esque oh, you! expressions. By the way, I know…Stephen Spielberg is terrible…blah, blah, blah. Sometimes, you just have to let your predispositions go, people.

Welcome to my Nightmare

This was a tale that might hit close to home for some of us. Essentially, we follow a young horror aficionado, who is compelled to yell into the sky God! Why can’t life be as good as a movie?!, and in true monkey’s paw form, he finds out exactly why. I don’t want to spoil too much, but this young man’s favorite film just happens to be Psycho, and he’s going to want to go back to acting it out in the safety of his own shower before the episode is said and done. As if this weren’t enough, by watching this episode of Amazing Stories, you’ll also get to see some zombie jocks, and a young, chubby faced Christina Applegate.

welcome to my nightmare

The Greibble

This is a sin of pure Muppet proportions, both in name and appearance. The plot is basically this: the Greibble turns up in Hayley Mill’s living room for no apparent reason. That’s right, Zac Morris’ 8th grade teacher spends a half an hour chasing a purple, garbage eating, critter about her home, chastising it with amused expressions of exhaustion. She will try dumping the Greibble off at the dump, but no; director Joe Dante (yes, the Joe Dante) won’t let her off that easily. Our protagonist must put herself in a number of “outrageous fun for the whole family!” moments before the episode finally ends, sending the Greibble back from wherever in the hell in came from in the first place.

If you can’t tell. I hated this episode. Have I mentioned that I loathe puppets?

the greibble


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