Halloween Countdown: Day 11 – A Horrible Way to Die

From: October 16, 2011

I’m convinced that the cover is the best part of this movie. By no means does that mean that it was bad, it just means that it was dry. I spent the first portion of the movie just waiting for anything to happen to the protagonist who I found, quite frankly, whiny and pathetic. A Horrible Way to Die

Essentially, the story centers around a young lady battling alcoholism and her sordid past of dating a murderer. She wavers between moments of feeling a deep connection to others, and highly antisocial, reclusive tendencies. I suppose this is understandable as her ex was a controlling psychopath. Throughout the film we watch her interactions with those around her, and from time to time there is a hint at the brutality of the man she used to date. No doubt, this does the leave the viewer wondering what’s in store for the protagonist, as her ex is surely that “gun on the wall” of fiction. We know he is going to show back up, but we just don’t know how yet. I can’t really explain much more without flat out giving away the entire plot, because the twist comes so close to the end of the film. I will say this much, I did not see the twist coming up until a couple of scenes before it happened, so it was a pleasant surprise and a gory finale.

I wouldn’t say you should rush out and watch this movie, but if you are bored one Saturday afternoon and decide to stream a flick on your XBOX, you might choose A Horrible Way to Die. If you fall asleep, it’s not big deal. You can catch back up pretty quickly in time for the ending.


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