Halloween Countdown: Day Ten – [REC 2]

From: October 15, 2011

Every once in a while, a sequel comes along that outshines it’s predeccesor. Rec 2 is one of those movies. If you enjoyed the first film, have no doubt that the second will please you beyond expectations. Essentially, the plot goes from being based around a viral infection to being curiosly supernatural. Hispanic demons are amoung us!


The movie picks up where the last one left off; with Spanish reporter Angela Vidal being dragged into the darkness. A priest and three military police officers enter the building, searching for Jennifer, the creature in the penthouse. Clearly this is red flag for those watching, as priest always means that evil things are a’comin’. We quickly find that the skin creature is not the only thing creepin around the grounds of the apartment complex, as the most intense scene of the film kicks in, and a multitude of screaming demon children attack the squad. (It’s cooler than it sounds.) The priest reveals his true mission: to recover a blood sample from the skin creature, Jennifer, in order to develop an anti-demonic antidote for the other infected individuals, who serve as extensions of the original demonic entity. Holy schniekies. The demon communicates through it’s various human limbs, and scares the holy poop out of the invading team. This is not the first time that a demonic entity has jumped from body to body to communicate with it’s victim in a film. 1998’s Fallen starring Denzel Washington boasts one of the most bone-chilling scenes in horror as his demon lets him know that it can go anywhere it damn well pleases:

As always, I won’t reveal the ending, but if you enjoy supernatural horror this is really a great watch. I won’t say that watching the first film is even necessary to enjoy it, but it will certainly enhance the experience. Make sure you have something cuddly near by to comfort you as you squirm in discomfort.


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