Halloween Countdown: Day Six – Living Will

From: October 7, 2011

I realize this is not a Halloween movie, but it does have a ghost, so I say it counts. Besides, I am so mad at Ryan Dunn right now, because this movie was the last thing he did before be died! This was seriously awful. Dunn’s beard was it’s only redeeming quality.

living will

First of all, Bam Margera was on the cover and the menu screen, but he was only in the movie for about two minutes. Meanwhile, the main character wasn’t even featured on the cover. Now, Bam is one of my least favorite jackasses, and I actually enjoy seeing him cry when he gets locked in a horse trailer with a single snake, so I’m okay with his minimal screen time. Unfortunately, one of his lines was literally the only thing I laughed at during the entire movie; “he’s magiced us.” Regardless, this entire advertisement ruse is extremely irritating. Given the overall crapiness of the movie, I suppose I can see where using Margera’s fave may have seemed like a necessity for the marketing crew.

The camera work is bad. The shots would be fine for a skate film, but not this movie. (p.s. No skateboarding is featured, if you were wondering). On top of this, the acting is pretty lame. This is pretty typical of the Jackass crew, as they generally use their lack of skills in order to be ironic. In this case though it seemed less like they were trying to make a comedy, and more like they were trying to be serious, which means that the lack of skills was not endearing…at all. Dunn’s quips were not balanced out with over-the-top situations like they would normally be, so they just came out seeming forced. The plot was stupid and predictable. I kept waiting for the movie to get funny and make up or all this, but it never did. The soundtrack was okay though.

R.I.P. Ryan Dunn. I’m going to pretend that Haggard is the only movie you’ve starred in.


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