Halloween Countdown: Day Nine – House

From: October 13, 2011

This is one of those horror movies that nobody seems to like except for me, and my best friend Phill Dishon. It’s rife with latex practical effects that make most film goers raise an upper lip like Billy Idol, but make me smile with the murderous expression of Jack Torrence. I love House, despite it’s obvious shortcomings. This is in part because House is a movie I remember from my childhood, much like other practical effect heavy horror greats of the late nineteen-eighties. House

House was actually intended to be a comedy to begin with, so it’s not even a true horror movie. Unfortunately, this makes the movie really goofy at times as we follow the story of Vietnam vet turned writer, Roger Cobb. Naturally, my English major brain tells me that this is a movie about Tim O’Brien. Cobb is plagued, literally, by the ghosts of his past. His ex-wife, his old army buddies, and a crazy amalgam of demonic entities set up shop in his new house, and terrorize him for no clear reason. Who needs a logical plot, right? Cobb comes up against your standard snafus throughout the duration of the film. Important people swing by his house unexpectedly and he must keep the creatures who are haunting him a secret. Dogs digging up dead demon hands, amorphous blobs gagged in the hall closet; these are the sort of  gags one can expect from this feature.

So, I guess I’m saying that the real reason for viewing House is to see these awesome creatures. House is just a great example of how casts are used to build actual suits and prosthetics for movies. No, they don’t look “real” by current standards, but as far as I’m concerned these effects still look better than a great deal of C.G. effects. I’ll take a dude in a suit, or a puppet controlled with a joystick any day! If you’ve seen Evil Dead 2, try to remember the flying old lady deaddite played by Ted Raimi. Now take that costume, and cover it with some electric colors, and you’ve basically got the feel of what the demons in House are like.  Watch this movie for a good time. Do NOT watch any of the sequels.

Most memorable scene: Roger Cobb falls into the oblivion of his bathroom mirror.


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