Halloween Countdown: Day Eight – The Perfect Host

From: October 13, 2011

I’m behind on my Halloween reviews, but bear with me. This was quite possibly the best acting David Hyde Pierce has ever done. He makes quite the convincing psychopath. This is one of those actors who has a tendency to be type-casted as Miles Krane-esque, wimpy younger brother characters, heck, he even voices the even more highly incompetent brother of The Simpsons’ Sideshow Bob, so it was nice to see him get a compelling, dangerous character to make his own.


From the trailer, tidbits about Pierce’s character, Warrick, that were already made pretty clear, the most important of which was his highly amusing schizophrenia. The preview showcases Warrick, dancing about the house with his imaginary friends as he beats and drugs a very confused captor, who was unfortunate enough to try and swindle a looney. I was sure that an imminent death was in store for criminal on the run John, played by Clayne Crawford, who in my opinion is the spitting image of a young Ray Liotta. The screenwriter for The Perfect Host totally schooled M. Night Shamalama with a convincing, and surprising plot twist. This was truly a treat, because it’s not often a film does something that makes you say “hmm, I’ve never seen that,” these days. John doesn’t die, but I won’t spoil his fate for you. No doubt, FX fans will be pleased as well. Convincing slicing and dicing takes place at the hand of The Perfect Host.

Give it a chance, you’ll be amused.


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