Halloween Countdown: Day Three – Scream 4

From: October 4, 2011

Spoiler Alert!

I am not ashamed to admit that I love the Scream series. In fact, these are some of the very few slasher movies I do like, but I suppose that makes sense given their deep, deep tendency to be ingrained with Horror pop-trivia,and metadrama. This addition the the franchise falls right in place with the rest of the Scream titles. Goodness, they even managed to enlist the key members of the original cast, which is a bit of good luck for Wes Craven because not having done so would have been met with disastrous consequences.

scream 4Now, I know I’m three for three on viewing approvals; however, while I did enjoy this flick, I do have a key complaint. While the killer was totally believable (in my top two suspects during my attempt to unravel the plot as it unfolded), their motives were not. We all know teenagers will go to serious lengths for attention, but this is a bit ridiculous. Aside from this issue with the poor interpretation of basic human actions, and the marketing department’s choice to spell the title “Scre4m”, I have no beef.

I loved the addition of Hayden Panitierre. She is one of my favorite young ladies in cinema, and she fit oh so well given Craven’s usual casting choices (recognizable, but not type-casted or yet over used teen actors). As per usual, we also get little hints to the conclusion along the way as resident movie nerds give a spot on analysis of the plot construction of the modern slasher film. Some people say this is tired and contrived. Unfortunately, these people are missing the joke. I may be biased however, as I have a soft spot for video store clerks, having been one myself for so many years.

Perhaps my favorite thing about Scream 4, was how it opened by poking fun at itself through the mimicry of fictional film “Stab 7”. Hilarious. Plus, Anna Paquin gets stabbed in the gut; the jealousy within me likes seeing Sookie get knifed.


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