Halloween Countdown 2011: Day 1 – The Walking Dead Season One

From: October 2, 2011

If you have not seen the first season of this show you need to go to amazon.com, purchase The Walking Dead Season One, anxiously wait a week for it to be delivered, watch it, and then write Frank Darabond a lengthy thank you letter. Seriously.

To set it up for you, small town police officer Rick Grimes wakes from a coma to find heaving hospital doors chained shut with the words “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” scrawled across them. The zombie apocalypse is well under way, and he is left to learn how to survive on his own. And boy, does he learn quick! In terms of realism, this series is a great example of what life in an apocalyptic situation (zombie or no) would be like. Good guys don’t always live, families are split up, and the lines of morality become skewed. Rick, as the hero, has a difficult time with this new question of what it means to be a good guy vs. making the right choices.

I won’t spoil it for those of you unfortunates who have yet to see the show, but I will highlight some of my favorite moments from the first episode:

– Rick Grimes finds himself trapped under a tank, after traveling to a near by city, while the living dead crawl under after him.

– The mercy killing of an emaciated, reanimated, half corpse. (it’s probably the best make-up and effects job of season one). Since the rise in the shows popularity, this character has been immortalized in the form of a McFarlane toy, which we all know is the height of action figure honors.


bicycle girl toy










Once you’ve watched the season, go back to amazon.com and order the graphic novels. Reading them will allow you to see how well this show was casted, based on the characters developed by Robert Kirkman in the books. In addition, you’ll see that the effects artists did a great job of creating the zombies just as they are drawn by artist Tony Moore.

comparison comic.show walking dead 2

Give in to your nerdly desires.


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