From: January 29, 2011

My expectations were pretty low for this one, but I was pleasantly surprised! The influence of Alfred Hitchcock was abundantly clear, and honored through Paul Conroy’s suspenseful experience.

Another nod to Hitchcock. (Vertigo's poster)

Another nod to Hitchcock. (Vertigo’s poster)

The entirety of Buried takes place inside a coffin. There are no exterior shots, no cut aways, and no flash backs. One would think that this story would really drag as a result of the set constraints, but strangely it doesn’t. The plot is so well paced that you won’t even notice when forty five minutes have passed. Chris Sparling (the writer), introduces legitimate conflicts at just the right time. You will be shouting at the screen like that annoying person in the theatre. “Conserve your battery power, idiot!”, for example. Ryan Reynolds is even convincing, despite his track record. I guess what he needs in order to actually act is to be put in a space where he can only move a few centimeters in any direction.

Watch it.


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